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Towns, Departments and Regions of France
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Details and definitions of our data

Technical Name Type Example Description
nom_commune varchar(255) Malakoff Official name
code_postal varchar(5) 92240 Associated postal code
code_commune_INSEE varchar(5) 92046 Associated INSEE code
code_commune_SIREN varchar(20) 219200466 Associated unique SIREN code
statut varchar(255) Chef-lieu canton Administrative status
nom_canton varchar(255) Malakoff Name of the township
code_canton int(11) 25 Township identification code
nom_arrondissement varchar(255) Antony Borough name
code_arrondissement int(11) 1 Borough identification code
nom_departement varchar(255) HAUTS-DE-SEINE Name of the department
code_departement varchar(3) 92 Department identification code
nom_region varchar(255) Ile-de-France Area name
code_region int(11) 11 Area code
nom_region_av_2016 varchar(255) Ile-de-France Area name before the 2016 territorial reform
code_region_av_2016 int(11) 11 Area code before the 2016 territorial reform
latitude_WGS84 double 48.817275 Latitude for Google Maps and other tools (type WGS84)
longitude_WGS84 double 2.2977599 Longitude for Google Maps and other tools (type WGS84)
latitude_degre longtext a:3:{s:3:"deg";s:2:"48";s:3:"min";s:2:"49";s:3:"se... Latitude in degrees, minutes, seconds (type WGS84)
longitude_degre longtext a:3:{s:3:"deg";s:2:"48";s:3:"min";s:2:"49";s:3:"se... Longitude degree, minute, second (type WGS84)
latitude_open_street_map double 48.8169695977 Latitude for OpenStreetMap
longitude_open_street_map double 2.29693599517 Longitude for OpenStreetMap
polygone_open_street_map longtext {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[2.2799139014... Polygone for OpenStreetMap
id_Geofla int(11) 17639 Identifier for the GEOFLA® database of the IGN
superficie double 207 Area in m²
altitude_moyenne int(11) 73 Altitude in m
population_legale2017_totale int(11) 30748 Total official legal population for 2017
population_legale2017_apart int(11) 320 Official legal population for 2017
population_legale2017_municipale int(11) 30428 Official municipal legal population for 2017
population_stat_totale int(11) 30305 Total statistical population
population_stat_totale_00_14 int(11) 5295 Total statistical population from 00 to14
population_stat_totale_15_29 int(11) 6286 Total statistical population from 15 to29
population_stat_totale_30_44 int(11) 7060 Total statistical population from 30 to44
population_stat_totale_45_59 int(11) 5910 Total statistical population from 45 to59
population_stat_totale_60_74 int(11) 3813 Total statistical population from 60 to74
population_stat_totale_75_plus int(11) 1940 Total statistical population from 75 and more
population_stat_totale_00_19 int(11) 6939 Total statistical population from 00 to19
population_stat_totale_20_64 int(11) 19260 Total statistical population from 20 to64
population_stat_totale_65_plus int(11) 4106 Total statistical population from 65 and more
population_stat_totale_15_plus int(11) 25024 Total statistical population from 15 and more
population_stat_totale_agri int(11) 0 Total statistical population of farmers
population_stat_totale_arti int(11) 674 Total statistical population of craftmens
population_stat_totale_cadr int(11) 4606 Total statistical population from managerial staff
population_stat_totale_inte int(11) 4491 Total statistical population interim
population_stat_totale_empl int(11) 4927 Total statistical population of employees
population_stat_totale_ouvr int(11) 1870 Total statistical population of workers
population_stat_totale_retr int(11) 4900 Total statistical population from retirees
population_stat_totale_fran int(11) 26604 Total statistical population with french nationality
population_stat_totale_etra int(11) 3699 Total statistical population of foreigners
population_stat_totale_immi int(11) 5362 Total statistical population of immigrants
population_stat_totale_mena int(11) 30045 Total statistical population of households
population_stat_totale_hors int(11) 259 Total statistical population without households
population_stat_totale_autr int(11) 3555 Total statistical population of others
population_stat_totale_hommes int(11) 14452 Total statistical population of men
population__stat_hommes_00_14 int(11) 2679 Statistical population of men from 00 to 14
population__stat_hommes_15_29 int(11) 3056 Statistical population of men from 15 to 29
population__stat_hommes_30_44 int(11) 3478 Statistical population of men from 30 to 44
population__stat_hommes_45_59 int(11) 2835 Statistical population of men from 45 to 59
population__stat_hommes_60_74 int(11) 1725 Statistical population of men from 60 to 74
population__stat_hommes_75_plus int(11) 679 Statistical population of men from 75 and more
population__stat_hommes_00_19 int(11) 3580 Statistical population of men from 00 to 19
population__stat_hommes_20_64 int(11) 9204 Statistical population of men from 20 to 64
population__stat_hommes_65_plus int(11) 1668 Statistical population of men from 65 and more
population__stat_hommes_15_plus int(11) 11795 Statistical population of men from 15 and more
population__stat_hommes_agri int(11) 0 Statistical population of men famers
population__stat_hommes_arti int(11) 473 Statistical population of men craftmens
population__stat_hommes_cadr int(11) 2616 Statistical population of men managerial staff
population__stat_hommes_inte int(11) 2011 Statistical population of men interim
population__stat_hommes_empl int(11) 1558 Statistical population of men employees
population__stat_hommes_ouvr int(11) 1537 Statistical population of men workers
population__stat_hommes_retr int(11) 2015 Statistical population of men retirees
population__stat_hommes_autr int(11) 1585 Statistical population of other men
population_stat_totale_femmes int(11) 15853 Statistical population of women
population_stat_femmes_00_14 int(11) 2616 Statistical population of women from 00 to 14
population_stat_femmes_15_29 int(11) 3230 Statistical population of women from 15 to 29
population_stat_femmes_30_44 int(11) 3582 Statistical population of women from 30 to 44
population_stat_femmes_45_59 int(11) 3075 Statistical population of women from 45 to 59
population_stat_femmes_60_74 int(11) 2088 Statistical population of women from 60 to 74
population_stat_femmes_75_plus int(11) 1262 Statistical population of women from 75 tot plus
population_stat_femmes_00_19 int(11) 3360 Statistical population of women from 00 to 19
population_stat_femmes_20_64 int(11) 10056 Statistical population of women from 20 to 64
population_stat_femmes_65_plus int(11) 2437 Statistical population of women from 65 tot plus
population_stat_femmes_15_plus int(11) 13229 Statistical population of women from 15 tot plus
population_stat_femmes_agri int(11) 0 Statistical population of women famers
population_stat_femmes_arti int(11) 201 Statistical population of women craftmens
population_stat_femmes_cadr int(11) 1990 Statistical population of women managerial staff
population_stat_femmes_inte int(11) 2480 Statistical population of women interim
population_stat_femmes_empl int(11) 3369 Statistical population of women employees
population_stat_femmes_ouvr int(11) 333 Statistical population of women workers
population_stat_femmes_retr int(11) 2885 Statistical population of women retirees

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