The complete list of data on cities, départements and regions of France

Download the most complete database of municipalities, départements and regions of metropolitan France and overseas. It includes the names, postal codes, INSEE codes, townships, boroughs, bound departments and regions, latitudes and longitudes for Google Maps and other tools, detailed terrain data and much more. The whole updated with the official data 2017.
Ideal for the development of websites, searches, autocompletions, geo-localizations, etc

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Hierarchies, places and demographic data

No more searching ! All data are in our database ! Each municipality is linked to its respective canton, district, department and region. For each of these scales, in addition to the names, codes (INSEE, postal, etc.), latitudes, longitudes, areas, etc., legal and official statistical data are available.

Disponibles aux formats Excel, SQL, XML et CSV

The data is compatible with all SQL databases, GIS systems, programming languages ​​and spreadsheet applications, including Excel, allowing you to easily use data without worrying about tedious import or file conversions.

Updated data for 2017

All of our databases have been updated for 2017 by comparing the latest data from INSEE, the Ministry of the Interior, the National Institute for Geographic and Forest Information, Google Maps and various governmental sources. The last complete refreshment took place on 1 February 2017 and takes into account the deletions, regroupings and new communes registered in the Official Journal as well as the new and old regions.

Unrestricted and multi-developer license

There are no restrictive conditions of license or additional charges for use. The data is at your disposal for permanent use without renewal fees, there is no limit to the number of devices or users and you can use the data for commercial purposes at no extra charge. All conditions of use are available here..

Frequently asked questions

Really, all the cities? ?

Yes, all. Each one is linked to its canton, its borough, its department and its region. This attachment to the higher level is also valid for all geographical scales. Our data take into account the changes for 2017: deletions, regroupings and new communes registered in the Official Gazette as well as new and old regions.

Can I re-use this data for commercial purposes ?

Yes. You are free to do whatever you want with our data. Personally or commercially. For more details, see article 19 of our general conditions of sale.

When were the data generated? ?

All our data were updated on February 1, 2017 thanks to our official sources. To receive updates within one year of your download, subscribe to the "All + Updates" package.

Will this data be updated ?

Of course ! If you subscribe to our "All + Updates" option, you will receive directly by mail any evolution of the database for the year you have subscribed without paying any more cent.